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2010 Dolphins Week 8 Game Balls

Visualize, then attack....
Visualize, then attack....

A day late, but not a yard short.

And, another week, another Sunday in which I didn't get to see the Dolphins.  This is just getting old.  I need to get back to a place where I can get the game every week.  Even worse is the fact that I could watch the Dolphins every week when I lived in Texas - but I move to Florida and can't. 

So, anyway, Miami improved to 4&0 on the road this week, beating the Bengals in Cincinnati.  Led by a masterful defense, the Dolphins are just a game back of the New York Jets (thank you Green Bay) and two back of the Patriots (come on Vikings!).

Before we get to the Game Balls for Week 8, a quick look back at Week 7 and the Fan Game Ball for the Dolphins' loss to the Steelers:

Week 7 Fan Game Ball.  Chad Henne.  A lot of you thought Henne deserved recognition after his 23 for 36, for 257 yards.  He also had one touchdown pass, along with one interception.  That lone interception came on the final Dolphins play of the game, as Henne looked to make something happen, down by 1 with just over a minute to play and going for it on 4th and six.  Henne finished the game with a 94.3 QB rating, and now this week's Fan Game Ball.

1-Yard Game Ball.  I'm going to go two places with this game ball.  I'm going to award Ricky Williams a yard for his 9 carries, for 47 yards, or a 5.2 yard per carry average, to go along with the only Dolphins touchdown of the game.  But, also worth mentioning is Benny Sapp.  Sapp made 10 tackles to lead the team on Sunday,  with 1 tackle being for a loss.

2-Yard Game Ball. Sean Smith.  He only finished the game with 1 tackle and 2 passes defensed, but Smith basically sealed the game for the Dolphins with his key interception late in the game.  He also seems to have reclaimed his position as a starting CB on this defense.

3-Yard Game Ball. Mike Nolan and the D-Line/Linebackers.  The Dolphins defense shut down the Bengals on Sunday, especially the second half run-D.  There was no where for Cedric Benson to go after halftime.  Mike Nolan adjusted to what the Bengals were doing in the first half, and the d-line and linebackers made it so Carson Palmerhad to beat the Dolphins.  And, since the Bengals were having to go to the air.....

4-Yard Game Ball. Vontae Davis.  Yet again, Davis was quiet throughout most of the day.  He only had 4 tackles and 1 pass defensed during Sunday's game, but, more importantly, he held Chad Ochocinco to just 2 receptions (Ochocinco's third catch came against Chris Clemons, as Matty I points out here).  Davis was given the Revis Island responsibility, and allowed to follow Ochocinco where-ever he was on the field, and completely shut him down. 

5-Yard Game Ball.  Dan Carpenter.  Another Week, another AFC Special Teams Player of the Week Award.  In a ho-hum day for Carpenter, he kicked another 5 field goals, including blasts from 42-yards, and a career best 54-yards in the second quarter.  Adding in the extra point he kicked in the fourth quarter, DC$ accounted for 16 of the Dolphins 22 points.

Sack.  Having not seen this game, and not hearing too much outcry for someone doing something horrible, I really don't know where to go with this sack.  But, I am going to give two people 1-yard sacks this week, and say if the comments warrant it, I will change these yardages to more, less, other people, or get rid of them completely - it's up to you.  So, for the sacks.  1-yard sack to Chad Henne for his decision to throw a pass into triple coverage, resulting in a interception.  Also, 1-yard sack for Davone Bess for muffing a punt return. 

Let me know what you think, who you want to see get the fan Game Ball, and if you disagree with the sacks.