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Dolphins Red Zone Report: Week 11

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There's really not too much to discuss this week. But that is not a good thing.

The Dolphins failed to reach the red zone on Thursday night against the Bears. It was the first time that this offense failed to break the opposing team's 20 yard line. In fact, the Dolphins never drove the ball deeper than Chicago's 35 yard line - and that was on the game's opening drive, which was set up by a 46 yard kickoff return by Nolan Carroll.

For the season, the Dolphins remain at a very pedestrian 50% success rate in the red zone, which places Miami 19th in the league in red zone efficiency. That's a far cry from their second ranked red zone offense last year, when they reached the endzone on over 64% of their trips inside the 20.

On the defensive side of things, the Dolphins held their opponent to just two red zone trips for the second consecutive week. Chicago's first trip inside the 20 resulted in a field goal after the Dolphins were able to halt the Bears' drive at the 6 yard line.

But the Bears' second red zone trip basically sealed the game. Late in the 3rd quarter, Jay Cutler connected with Greg Olsen on a 3rd & 7 from Miami's 18. Three plays later, Matt Forte ran it in from two yards out to give the Bears a 16-0 lead.

Still, the Dolphins have the third ranked red zone defense in the NFL, only allowing opponents to convert 38% of their red zone opportunities into touchdowns.