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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Week 11 Open Thread

These new sponsored posts are intended to be Sunday morning pre-game threads. But since the Dolphins played (well, sort of...if you can call it that) on Thursday night, this will be more of a football Sunday open thread.

I know we're all still trying to get over that disaster we witnessed on Thursday night at Sun Life Stadium (and I'll have much more on the state of the Dolphins beginning early tomorrow). But one of the best ways to do that (other than with some liquor) is by sitting back and enjoying some football. There are a number of fascinating games today.

The early games feature two AFC matchups that I plan on monitoring closely. The Texans travel to Jersey to take on the Jets in what is going to be a tough game for Houston to win. Can Darrelle Revis contain the hobbled Andre Johnson? I personally hope not since he's on two of my fantasy football teams.

The other game involves next week's opponent - the Raiders - as they travel to Pittsburgh. I'm interested in seeing how Oakland defends the Steelers' offense.

But I'm mostly looking forward to one afternoon game and the night game. The Colts and Patriots hook up for their seemingly annual matchup. Always a fun game to watch and this year's will be no different.

All of this is, of course, capped by the Eagles and Giants. I don't like either team. But I expect to see some explosive offensive performances - if us Dolphin fans can remember what those are.