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Report: Dolphins "studying" Randy Moss

Armando Salguero is now the third person in the media to claim that the Dolphins are at least somewhat interested in putting in a claim for WR Randy Moss.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Judd Zulgad was the first, with ESPN's Adam Schefter not too far behind yesterday.

Now Salguero reports that not only are the Dolphins considering putting in a claim for Moss - they are also going over their plan in case Moss goes unclaimed and becomes a free agent.

The key line from Armando's report? Salguero writes:

The consideration is serious enough, according to one Moss family source, that general manager Jeff Ireland called agent Joel Segal to inquire about any interest Moss may have in playing for the Dolphins.

Armando also confirms that the Dolphins are indeed 18th in the waiver priority, meaning 17 other teams will have to decide to pass on Moss for the Dolphins to have a shot at him. And Titans head coach Jeff Fisher thinks "maybe 30 head coaches" will be considering Moss. Still, the Dolphins will have to decide by tomorrow if they wish to put in a claim for the "diva" receiver.

I've already said I'm in favor of the Dolphins putting in a claim for Randy Moss. Are you? Cast your vote in our poll.