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Dolphins Red Zone Report: Week 10

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The Dolphins were better in the red zone this week than they have been in recent weeks. Not since week six against the Packers have the Dolphins converted over half of their red zone opportunities into touchdowns. On Sunday against Tennessee, the Dolphins reached pay dirt three times in five trips.

Miami's second red zone trip - one that ended in a field goal - was probably the most scrutinized of the day. From Tennessee's 13 yard line, Chad Henne had Brandon Marshall matched up in single coverage with a smaller cornerback. But Marshall was never thrown a ball, with Henne looking towards Brian Hartline on consecutive passes.

The Dolphins' other failed red zone opportunity came on the opening drive of the third quarter - also known as the drive Brandon Marshall erupted for the first time, flinging the football towards the sideline following a first down reception. The next play resulted in a ten yard holding penalty and essentially stalled the drive.

Still, the Dolphins improved their red zone efficiency on the season to 50% - ranking tied for 17th in the league.

Defensively, the Dolphins were unable to keep the Titans out of the endzone when they drove the football inside Miami's 20. But even after surrendering two red zone touchdowns on two trips, the Dolphins are still keeping their opponents out of the endzone more often than not - surrendering touchdowns on only 37% of their trips. That's the third lowest percentage in the league.