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Source: Henne and Pennington both likely lost for season

We'll probably know more tomorrow at Tony Sparano's press briefing. But here's what we know right now as facts.

Chad Pennington lasted two plays before exiting Sunday's game with a right shoulder injury. He was not in he locker room after the game and declined to speak with the media. A Dolphins' spokesman said Pennington didn't want to be a distraction to the team. But according to reports, Pennington's locker at Sun Life Stadium was empty.

Chad Henne's locker was not empty. But he did show up in the locker room on crutches and with his left knee wrapped up in ice. Henne did speak with the media, informing us all that he has an MRI scheduled for 6:30. Here's what Henne said after the game:

"I have to get an MRI at 6:30 and we'll see what happens from there. It doesn't feel good. But for me, if I can stand and I can run on it, I'm going to be playing. So whatever happens, we'll see."

"It didn't feel good enough to come back. But I'm not going to be one to baby my knee. If I can be in there, I'll be in there."

However, a source has told the Sun-Sentinel that both Chad Henne and Chad Pennington are "more than likely" out for the season. Meanwhile, Michael Lombardi, who was in Miami covering the game for NFL Network, iis reporting that Tyler Thigpen is likely to start for the Dolphins on Thursday night.

Again, we should know for sure tomorrow. But for now, it sure seems like both Pennington and Henne are done for 2010 - Pennington possibly for his career. And the Dolphins will be signing at least one quarterback in the very near future.