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Quick Reaction: Dolphins dominate second half and defeat Bengals

It wasn't looking good midway through the second quarter after another unlucky break for this Dolphins team. But they kept it together, scored six key points before the half, and then shut down the Bengals in the second half en route to a 22-14 win.

Three quick thoughts on the win below. Full recap to follow tomorrow:

  • Congratulations to Sean Smith on his first career interception. Hell of a time for it to come, sealing the win for the Dolphins. I would expect Smith to reclaim his starting job now after replacing Jason Allen following Cincinnati's first drive, which resulted in a Terrell Owens touchdown.
  • The defense was outstanding in the second half - shutting down Cedric Benson on the ground and making the Bengals one-dimensional. The Bengals gained just 78 yards of offense in the second half, failing to put up any points on the scoreboard.
  • It's amazing how executing offensively makes play-calling look much improved. Dan Henning dialed up some creative plays and was effective (for the most part). But red zone efficiency and play-calling still remains an issue.

Enjoy your Halloween and the rest of your football Sunday, everyone! The Dolphins are 4-3 and firmly in the AFC playoff picture.