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Dolphins vs Bengals: Prediction Time

Sunday's game is huge for both teams - maybe even bigger for the Bengals. If anything, that worries me most. Desperate teams are dangerous. And the Bengals are desperate to avoid falling to 2-5. So who does the media like?

Adam Schefter - Mia Chris Mortensen - Mia Tom Jackson - Cin
Ron Jaworski - Cin Peter King - Mia Mike Florio - Mia
Gregg Rosenthal - Mia Pete Prisco - Cin Jason Cole - Cin
Sterling Sharpe - Cin Joe Theismann - Mia Brian Billick - Mia

Pretty even split. I'm sure if I was to expand on this and include more members of the media, the results would be similar.

These are two teams that are both in need of a win. For the Dolphins, they are looking to really put together the strangest start to a season I've seen - going for their fourth consecutive road win to start the season while being 0-3 at home. You will not see that kind of split very often.

I'm expecting the Dolphins to finally score more than two touchdowns in a game for the first time this year. Cincinnati's defense has struggled this year and is vulnerable both on the ground and through the air. I just hope Miami's defense - their secondary in particular - can prevent the big play.

So what do you all think?