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Refs decide to hand Steelers a win over Dolphins

I'm not one to blame losses on referees. The Dolphins had their chances today. But the bottom line is that the Steelers were handed this win. It's that simple. The refs made up their mind - that they wanted the Steelers to win. So they made the ridiculous call and that was that.

Three quick thoughts on today's loss:

  • Everybody but the referees know that Ben Roesthlisberger's fumble was recovered by the Dolphins in the enzone. It's that simple. I expect Tony Sparano to get a letter apologizing from the NFL. But a letter won't change the fact that the Dolphins should be 4-2 right now. That play, though, is a perfect example of why refs need to let the play go through completely, assume it's a fumble and decide who recovered, and then huddle up and decide if the play was a fumble or not. Then, even if you rule it isn't a fumble, you would be prepared to change the call if the other team challenges. Make sense? It does to me. But I guess it doesn't to these refs.
  • That was some of the worst play calling I've ever seen for a two minute drill. Running it on first down? Throwing check down passes? Keeping the fullback in the game? That's when you go four wide. You don't keep your fullback in on 4th down and 6. The Dolphins also wasted a timeout just before the Steelers kicked that go ahead field goal - for no reason. That's a waste of an important time out.
  • We've learned that the Dolphins can go toe to toe with any team in this league. They can play with any NFL team. But they still are not good enough to beat these teams.

I'm pissed off. So I'm going to go find some puppies to kick or something (only joking - relax PETA). Usual wrap up post to come tomorrow morning.

F--- you, refs!

[UPDATE: If you want to read the thoughts of some of the Dolphins' players about the terrible call, click here.]