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Dolphins vs Steelers: Prediction Time

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On Sunday the Dolphins will host one of the two or three best teams in the league when the Steelers march into Sun Life Stadium. Though I have a feeling there won't be many picking the Dolphins, let's see who the media is picking:

Adam Schefter - Pit Chris Mortensen - Pit Tom Jackson - Pit
Ron Jaworski - Pit Peter King - Pit Mike Florio - Pit
Gregg Rosenthal - Pit Pete Prisco - Mia Jason Cole - Pit
Sterling Sharpe - Pit Brian Billick - Pit Brian Baldinger - Mia

This is about what I expected. And it's fair, I suppose. The Dolphins are 0-2 at home against very good teams. The Steelers are another very good team. Many are calling Pittsburgh Super Bowl contenders - and for good reason.

That's why the Dolphins have a chance to really make a statement. But if they come up short, we're all going to be wondering if this is just what the 2010 version of the dolphins are - an above average team that hasn't beaten the league's best teams.

With that said, I'm expecting a strong showing this week. I believe the Dolphins will go toe to toe with the big bad Steelers. But will they do enough to win this slugfest?

You tell me...