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Dolphins 2010 Perspective VII - The Power Rankings Only Edition

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Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you like my ramblings), I am having some computer issues this week.  As such, I wasn't able to write or publish a Perspectives yesterday.  In order to keep my power rankings up-to-date, I am going to publish this week's Perspective a day late - and only with the Power Rankings. 

Please enjoy:

Power Rankings

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: 1) -  A 28-10 win over a scrappy Cleveland team with Ben Roethlisbeger just returning from suspension could be bad news to the rest of the league.

2. New York Jets(3) - Heading into the bye, the Jets now have time to run their mouths about how great they are.  The problem?  They're right.

3. New England Patriots (4) - The Patriots beat the Ravens after trading away Randy Moss.  Shouldn't they have taken a step back?

4. New Orleans Saints(7) - The Super Bowl Champs seem to be getting themselves straight. 

5. Atlanta Falcons(5) - A loss to the Eagles, in Philadelphia, isn't something to really worry about.  This is still a very solid team, who should fight with the Saints for the Division title all year long.

6. Baltimore Ravens (2) - A loss to the Patriots, in Foxboro, isn't something to really worry about.  This is still a very solid team, who should be in contention for the Super Bowl come February.

7. Indianapolis Colts (6) - The Colts are winning, but it hasn't been with Colts-like wins.

8. Philadelphia Eagles(15) - "If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks."  The little known addendum to that is "Unless you are in Philly."

9. Houston Texans(11) - This team keeps winning, despite the fact that they keep losing players.

10. Tennessee Titans(14) - Three weeks ago, the Titans were #14.  Two weeks ago, they were #23.  Last week, #14. This week #10.  Welcoming in Philadelphia this weekend, they could move to just about anywhere on the board next week.

11.  New York Giants(19) - As was pointed out last week, the Giants write up made no sense.  This week, they just get this.

12. Kansas City Chiefs(8) - Being the last undefeated team was awesome.  They backed that up with two straight losses to AFC South opponents.  This week?  AFC South opponent Jacksonville.

13. Chicago Bears(9) - It's only their second loss of the season - but it was to the Seahawks.  That's not good.

14. Miami Dolphins(16) - Great team performance against the Packers.  Now, hosting the Steelers could bring Miami back into the Division championship race - or could be really, really ugly.

15. Washington Redskins(12) - Loss to a un-Colts like Indianapolis has them slide a little.  A win over the Bears this week - especially if they continue the sack fest that is Jay Cutler has been facing lately.

16. Green Bay Packers(10) - Dr. Dorian.  Paging Dr. Dorian......

17. Minnesota Vikings(18) - Minnesota won the Panic Bowl.  Is that an accomplishment?

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) - It was an ugly loss, but it was to the defending Super Bowl Champions.

19. Arizona Cardinals(21) - A week in which you don't play couldn't have been more painfulas all three NFC West opponents won.

20.  St. Louis Rams(27) - Dispatched the Chargers.  Now heading to Tampa looking to move into second place in the division, one game behind the Arizona/Seattle winner.

21. Cincinnati Bengals(24) - The NFL gave the Bengals the last week off.  The Bengals took the first 5 weeks off themselves. 

22.  Denver Broncos(26) - The Broncos started 6&0 last season, then fell apart.  This year, they started 2&4.  Maybe a different strategy will lead to a different result?

23. San Diego Chargers(22) - Which team is first in the NFL in passing?  The Chargers.  Which team is first in the NFL in passing defense?  The Chargers.  Which team is last in the AFC West?  The Chargers!

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (19) - David Garrardis out.  Trent Edwardsis questionable.  Looks like this is now Todd Bouman's team.  Doesn't that just scream greatness?

25. Cleveland Browns(28) - This team is a fighter.  They may not be winning, but they are going to give you everything they have.  Colt McCoy survived his first start (against Pittsburgh, mind you), and is rewarded with a second start - this time against the Saints.  Good luck!

26. Seattle Seahawks(29) - I can't fall in love with this team, yet they are tied for the lead in the NFC West - and could be all alone there by the end of the weekend.

27.  Dallas Cowboys(20) - They lost the Panic Bowl.  At least the Rangers are still playing. 

28.  San Francisco 49ers(30) -  The won!  Going for two in a row as they travel to Carolina.

29. Oakland Raiders(23) - Lost to the 49ers.  Now heading to Denver.  Then hosting Seattle and Kansas City, followed by the bye.  Then to Piitsburgh and hosting Miami.  Week 13 at San Diego, then at Jacksonville.  Weeks 15-17 are home vs. Denver, home vs. Indy, and at Kansas City.  At least you can't lose during the bye.

30. Detroit Lions(25) - I like the Lions.  I want to put them higher.  But, I can't...

31. Carolina Panthers (31) - Jimmy Clausenled the game last week in passing.  The bad news?  It was with 61 yards and a 29.7 QB rating. 

32. Buffalo Bills(32) - Re-read the last sentence for the Raiders.  That was the Bills week last week.