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Dolphins Red Zone Report: Week 6

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Interesting note as we sit here six weeks into the 2010 NFL season. The Dolphins have the 12th ranked offense in the league, averaging 347 yards per game. But the Fins are only ranked 24th in scoring, averaging 17.8 points per game.

What's with the difference? One of the local writers claims that it's a reflection of the team's efficiency in the red zone. But that's not the case at all.

This week the Dolphins were in the red zone only once, resulting in a Chad Henne touchdown pass to Davone Bess. That put the Dolphins at 6 for 9 on the season. Their 67% red zone success rate is actually tied for the second best success rate in the league, trailing only the Texans.

Say what you want about Miami's troubles scoring touchdowns. You can talk about bad play calls and untimely turnovers. But one thing you can't do is question this team's efficiency inside the 20.

On the flip side, the Dolphins are also one of the better red zone defenses in the league. Against the Packers on Sunday, Miami held the Packers to one touchdown on two trips. Of course, the touchdown came in the final minute to force overtime.

Still, the Dolphins are only allowing touchdowns on 43% of their opponents' red zone trips - good for 11th best in the league.