It's a fact. There will be a ton of Steelers fans @ JRS this Sunday.

There was a big push earlier about feeding a wolf, and howling. Well, so far this season its been more like crying at Joe Robbie Stadium. I'm hoping the our team shows up as well as the Home fans. I've been to lots of games, in lots of different places. And,...its just my opinion not my wish, but the crowd seems easily taken out of the game down in Miami. Now here come the Steelers and all their fans. But i'm going to remain optimistic. Afterall, Big Ben is not fleet of foot and I'm hoping we can get to him. I can see some of those wounded ducks falling into our DB's arms now (THE CROWD WILDLY ERUPTS !).

So, if there was ever a time for a breakout game, from somebody,...anybody, now would be the time. And hopefully any Dol-fans with "chicken little syndrome" will sell their ticket to another Dol-fan that's more on the amped up side. Because rest assured if the home crowded doesn't cheer you'll hear that damn " here we go Steelers" song they sing,...ugh.

I know its early,......


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