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Dolphins vs Packers: Prediction Time

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After two long weeks, the wait is nearly over. The Dolphins get back on the field tomorrow up in Green Bay to take on the banged up but always dangerous Packers. Here are who some in the media are picking this week:

Adam Schefter - GB
Chris Mortensen - Mia
Tom Jackson - Mia
Ron Jaworski - Mia
Peter King - GB
Mike Florio - Mia
Gregg Rosenthal - Mia
Pete Prisco - GB
Jason Cole - Mia
Joe Theismann - Mia
Sterling Sharpe - Mia
Brian Billick - GB

Despite back-to-back home losses, the media seems to be giving the Dolphins some respect here going up to Lambeau. The Packers are obviously not nearly at full strength of course. They also haven't been playing as well as most thought even when they were relatively healthy.

It's mid October and we might already be talking about a "must win" for the Dolphins. Their upcoming schedule is brutal and falling any more behind in the division and in the Wildcard would be a problem. I expect the Dolphins to get back to their DNA and run the football. I'm thinking 130+ yards on the ground out of Miami's two backs. And if that happens, I see the Dolphins winning a close one.

But what do you all think?