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NFL Week 5 Open Thread

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For the third consecutive week, we have to endure a football Sunday afternoon without our Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you consider how they played last week), the Dolphins won't be playing in a prime time game tonight or tomorrow, either.

As much as I hate the early season bye week, it probably came at the right time for this team. The Dolphins obviously needed to regroup. It gives the coaches extra prep time for the Packers next weekend. And it gives some of the injured players an extra week to get healthy. I'm expecting to see Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, and John Jerry practice all week next week and start on Sunday.

As far as today goes, we have some interesting matchups to watch. Are the unbeaten Chiefs for real? I don't think so - but they have a chance to prove it this afternoon against the Colts. The Giants/Texans game also has my attention. I'm curious to see which team's pass rush can be more disruptive.

As far as late afternoon games, there are only three of them. But I'll be watching the Chargers/Raiders - as San Diego is my pick for this week in our Phinsider Elimination pool, which is down to just 72 people remaining after starting the season with 196.

I apologize for no having any new post yesterday. The Dolphin players got the weekend off so I figured I'd take a day myself. But be sure to come back late tonight/early tomorrow for my in depth look back at the first quarter of the Dolphins' season and a look ahead to the next quarter of the season.

Enjoy your football Sunday, everyone!