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Channing Crowder sent to see specialist

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Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has been practicing on a limited basis for a little over a week now. These practices were the first for the linebacker since early on in training camp. It was thought to be an encouraging sign that the boisterous inside linebacker might be back soon - even in time for Monday night's game against the Patriots.

But then Crowder was curiously missing from practice today. Head coach Tony Sparano then confirmed that Crowder was sent to see a doctor. The Sun-Sentinel calls is the "next step to getting him back on the field." But if the plan was to get Channing clearance to play on Monday, you have to think Crowder's doctor visit would not be scheduled in a way to cause the player to miss practice time.

Of course, with this week having an extra practice day Saturday due to the game being on Monday rather than Sunday, maybe Crowder did go to get clearance to play - and will be back in time for Saturday's practice.

But where did Channing go? Sparano didn't disclose any further information, saying that he's "not going to do your guys' work for you" - in regards to the media, of course. Mike Berardino tells us that Crowder may be in Philadelphia to visit with Dr. William Meyers - who he has already seen once in recent weeks. Ben Volin adds that Crowder was reportedly seen in the airport today heading up north to Philadelphia.

It's also interesting to note that the last two guys who have missed practice to see a specialist ended up going nder the knife and being placed on Injured Reserve - Will Allen and Nate Garner.

So did Crowder go to seek medical clearance? Or is his visit something more?

I guess we have to wait and see.