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Wild Card Weekend Open Thread: Saturday

Two games to watch today. If you're around, this is the place to discuss them.

Quickly, my take on the two games:

Bengals vs Jets, 4:30, NBC
This is one of three week 17 rematches this week. The Jets dominated last week in  a game that they had to have and a game in which the Bengals really didn't even look interested in playing. We found out this week that the Bengals purposely used very vanilla game plans so as to not show NY anything.

But as much as I'd like to see the Jets lose, I have my doubts. I think it will all come down to which team can run the football better. You have to hope for a better effort out of Cincy's rush defense than we saw last week.

Pick: Bengals 13-10

Cowboys vs Eagles, 8:00, NBC
It's hard for one team to beat another team three times in a season. That's what the Cowboys will have to do if they want to win their first playoff game in over a decade.

I don't see the Dallas defense holding down Philly's offense for a second consecutive week. But the question then becomes whether or not the Eagles can keep this Dallas offense in check. Tony Romo is playing the best late-season football he ever has. And they have a ton of weapons with their two backs, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten. I think this game may turn into a high-scoring affair.

Pick: Eagles 30-27

Enjoy the games!