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2009 NFL Playoffs: Adopt-a-team

Well the playoffs are here now and the Dolphins are no longer playing. Yes, it sucks. But if you're like me, you will still be watching all of the playoff games. NFL football is NFL football regardless of the two teams playing, after all.

But who do we root for? Us Dolphin fans now have to decide which team to get behind and root for this postseason. Luckily, some of SBN's finest bloggers have each decided to try and sway us to pull for their team. I simply asked them why we should root for them. Below are some of their comments. After checking them out, click to here cast your vote for which team you think we should "adopt" for this postseason.

New Orleans Saints
of Canal Street Chronicles:
"43 years of misery and disappointment on the football field, that's why."

San Diego Chargers
John of Bolts From The Blue:
"There is nobody in the league more fun to root for than Philip Rivers.  I know it may not seem like it would be fun to an outsider, but Darth Vader didn't think going over to the dark side would be fun until he tried it.  Deep passes, trash talk and constant prodding of the head coach to "lighten up" (he's also notoriously crazy on the sidelines) make Philip the most entertaining guy to watch during every game.....if you're not rooting against him."

New England Patriots
MaPatsFan of Pats Pulpit:
"Your fearless leader, Matty I, wants you to adopt a team for the playoffs. Considering you most recently beat my Patriots on December 6th, I thought you may be feeling bad about the win and wanting to make amends. If that doesn't work, maybe you're feeling bad about former Dolphin Wes Welker tearing his ACL and MCL. Ok, last try: dolphinsinbuffalo likes us, so we can't be all THAT bad."

Dallas Cowboys
Dave of Blogging The Boys:
"We, the Dallas Cowboys fans, would welcome the Dolphins fanbase for the playoffs. Our teams have so much recent history, Parcells, Ireland, Sparano, Fasano, Polite, Ayodele among others. Heck, we thought of you as the South Beach Cowboys. Besides, according to other NFL fans, who has a bigger bandwagon than the Cowboys? There's plenty of room, jump on board."

New York Jets
John B of Gang Green Nation:
"If Dolphins fans root for the Jets it can bring world peace. I mean if two bitter enemies can join forces for the greater good, just think of the possibilities. President Obama and Rush Limbaugh may be inspired to work together to come up with bipartisan solutions for our country's problems. The Israelis and Palestianians may be inspired to work out their issues. Ronald McDonald might even eat a Whopper. Next to bridging the Dolphins-Jets hatred, the rest of these are cake. A better world is what I offer, Dolphins fans."

Baltimore Ravens
Bruce of Baltimore Beatdown:
"It seems the 'fins fans would find it real easy to root for the Baltimore Ravens and adopt them for the post season this year. The Ravens face the hated NE Patriots this weekend and you know you want to see Tom Brady on the losing end of a game, much less in front of his own fans. You also definitely do not want to see those ugly NY Jets win a game from a wild Card slot that should have gone to you as the last two teams they played just laid down for them to get in. Cincinnati let the Jets in, so they are out of the running as well. That leaves the Colts, who always win, so you'll root against the favorite and even Phil Rivers is so smug you just have to hate him. that leaves my Ravens as the underdog and the type of team that was able to beat you last season but fought hard to get in just like your Dolphins did. Besides, the Ravens arch enemies, the Pittsburgh Steelers, knocked you out and if we win, that will make them real mad which should make you guys real happy! Adopt us, please!"

Arizona Cardinals
Andrew602 of Revenge of the Birds:
"The Cardinals are the defending NFC Champions, capable of beating any team in the NFL. Kurt Warner will lead the high-powered offense, while Pro Bowler Darnell Dockett will man the defense that's hungry for a Super Bowl title."

Philadelphia Eagles
JasonB of Bleeding Green Nation:
"Ok for the eagles I think its pretty simple. We're in the nfc so there's no rivalrly... And most importantly we haven't won a title since the merger! Surely the pats or cowboys don't need another right?"

Remember to head over to the poll to vote by clicking here.

As for me, I'm going to stay on the bandwagon of two teams - the Chargers and Packers. Why? Because that was my Super Bowl pick back before the season started. In fact, three of my final four teams remain!

So vote in the poll and then comment here to tell us why you voted the way you did.