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Post-Game Thread: Dolphins season ends in loss to Steelers

This was a very weird game. And most importantly, let's hope Pat White isn't seriously hurt. That hit was downright scary.

We saw a valiant effort out of this Dolphins team. But again, they dug themselves into a hole that was to hard to climb out of. Of course, Chad Henne's "eye injury" didn't help their cause.

It should be interesting to hear what Tony Sparano has to say about the decision to hold Henne out with that mysterious injury. Regardless, Tyler Thigpen came in after White went down and looked pretty good - one poor decision aside. But what I'll never understand is why this defense takes so long to get their act together now.

Regardless, Miami's season comes to an end with a disappointing 7-9 record. But the future does seem promising.

Look for the usual game recap post tonight. And enjoy the rest of the day.