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The 2nd Annual "Matty Awards" Nominations, Hall of Fame Edition

Well we've made it through the nominations for all of the "Matty Awards." All that is left before we begin voting is nominating for The Joe Robbie Memorial Phinsider Hall of Fame. In my opinion, it's the highest honor any member of our community can obtain - mainly because it's decided upon by all of you - the great Phinsider community of over 3,000 Dolphin fans. And there are a ton of worthy candidates. So this will not be easy.

Here is the stipulation. To be on the ballot, the person must have been a member of The Phinsider for over a year. The cut-off date is January 1, 2009. All of those who joined before 1/1/09 are eligible to be nominated. Those who joined after will have to wait until next year's awards. That means any person who was nominated for the Jake Long Rookie Blogger of the Year award is obviously ineligible for the Hall of Fame this year.

We will induct at least three new members to join the four inducted last year. We can induct as many as four this year. But to do that, the person who comes in fourth in the vote must be included on the ballots of at least 30% of those who vote. But we'll get into that when we actually vote.

This is just the nominations. Feel free to nominate up to three worthy bloggers for the Hall of Fame. Those already inducted last year were myself, Little Nicky 21, Rzayo24, and HuskerDolphin.

Nominations will last through Sunday night. Then, on Monday, we will begin voting on the first batch of awards.

Let the nominating begin...