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Championship Sunday Prediction Time

Even though the Dolphins' season ended weeks ago - and it already feels like months - the final real football Sunday of the season is upon us. And I say "real" because Super Bowl Sunday almost feels like it's about everything else other than football. With that said, let's see who some "experts" are picking on Sunday:

Chris Mortensen - Ind/NO Adam Schefter - NYJ/Min Ron Jaworski - Ind/NO
Tom Jackson - Ind/NO Mike Ditka - NYJ/NO Cris Carter - NYJ/Min
Pete Prisco - Ind/NO Harmon Forecast - Ind/NO Clark Judge - Ind/NO
PFT - NYJ/Min Peter King - Ind/NO Greg Cote - Ind/NO
Gary Myers - NYJ/NO Rich Cimini - NYJ/Min Brian Billick - NYJ/Min

I find it surprising that more people seem to be picking the Jets to upset the Colts than they are the Vikings to upset the Saints.

Colts vs Jets
To me, this game is pretty simple. It seems like everyone has forgotten that the Colts haven't lost a single game this season in which Peyton Manning played the entire game. Doesn't that count for anything at all?

I don't think the Colts will blow out the Jets or anything. The Jets' defense is just too good. But I also just don't see the Jets limiting Indy's offense enough to make up for their slow, plodding offense. I'd imagine the Jets will use the same game plan the Dolphins used back in week two - keep Indy's offense off of the field by pounding their smallish defense with the run. But I just don't think that will be enough.

This ridiculous Jets mania ends on Sunday. Colts win 20-10.

Saints vs Vikings
Could you just imagine how annoying it would be if Brett Favre and the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl? For two weeks, all we'd hear is "Brett this" and "Brett that." And let's not forget the "will he or won't he retire" talk we'd hear for two weeks between the conference championship game and the Super Bowl.

For that reason alone, I'll be pulling for the Saints. I also think that the fans of New Orleans are as deserving as any to see their team play in the Super Bowl.

I expect the Saints to spread out Minnesota's offense and throw it about 40 times on Sunday. And I think some of the health issues Minnesota has (Percey Harvin and Ray Edwards, for example) will hurt this team. The Vikings need both of those guys at full strength come game time.

Even if they are, though, I think Drew Brees and the Saints get it done at home in the dome. Saints win 30-23.