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The 2nd Annual "Matty Awards" Nominations, Part 3

Let's continue on with the nominating. The next four awards to nominate for are listed below. Remember - this is not the vote. This is simply the nomination step of the process.


The four awards to nominate for are as follows:

1. The Cameron Wake Crossing the Border Award – given to the best blogger whose permanent residence is outside the United States and its territories.

2. The Ted Ginn Punching Bag Award – given to the blogger who tends to be everybody else’s punching bag by taking the most grief from fellow community members.

3. The J-Peezy Player Nickname Award - given to the blogger who created the best player nickname.

4. The Killer B's Blogger Nickname Award - given to the blogger with the best blog nickname.

Last year's winner's of these awards will not be eligible to repeat as winners, to ensure that as many members of the community can be recognized.  However, two of these awards are new. And the J-Peezy Player Nickname award can go to Little Nicky 21 again assuming it's not for the same nickname that won last year. Last year's winners are below:

J-Peezy: Little Nicky 21 for dubbing Dan Carpenter as "DC$$"

Killer B's: Matty I for the nickname given to him of "Eye in the Sky"

Also, if you wish not to nominate publically on the site, email Nicky or myself:

Matty I -

Little Nicky 21 -