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The 2nd Annual "Matty Awards" Nominations, Part 2

Time to continue on with the nominating. The next three awards to nominate for are listed below. Remember - this si not the vote. This is simply the nomination step of the process.


The three awards to nominate for are as follows:

1. The Garo Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award - given to the funniest blogger.

2. The Jake Long Rookie Blogger of the Year Award - given to the best rookie blogger at the site. Anyone who joined the site after February 1, 2009 is eligible.

3. The Chad Pennington Crossing Enemy Lines Award - given to the most knowledgeable and personable opposing blogger.

Last year's winner's of these awards will not be eligible to repeat as winners, to ensure that as many members of the community can be recognized.  Last year's winner's are as follows:

1. The 2008-2009 Garo Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award: Rzayo24

The other two winners from last year (Mosul_DolFan for Rookie and Fooch of Niners Nation for the CP) aren't not eligible, either. Mosul isn't a rookie anymore and we didn't play the Niners, hence Fooch never dropped by.

Also, if you wish not to nominate publically on the site, email Nicky or myself:

Matty I -

Little Nicky 21 -