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Decade in Review: Top drafts

As we continue on with our look back at the decade known as the "00s" it's time to talk about everybody's favorite offseason topic: the NFL Draft. We know the Dolphins have had some very bad drafts this past decade - most notably the 2003, 2006, and 2007 drafts. But they've also had some good ones. Below are, in my opinion, Miami's top three drafts of the decade.

Read my quick thoughts, post your own thoughts, and then cast your vote on which draft you feel is or will eventually be the best of the "00s."

Number 3: The 2005 Draft
The Dolphins only had six draft picks and only two are still with the team. But those two have been key contributors to this team's success. Third round pick Channing Crowder, for all his faults, has been a very solid third round selection. Anytime you get an above average starting linebacker in the third round, you have to be satisfied. But it's first round pick Ronnie Brown - the #2 overall selection - that makes this draft the 3rd best of the decade. As you all know, I hold Ronnie in high regard. He's a Pro Bowl talent. And without Ronnie, the Dolphins would have never introduced the 'Wildcat' to the world - and Miami would not have won the division in 2008.

Number 2: The 2009 Draft
It's early but you have to like how the '09 draft is shaping up. First round pick Vontae Davis and second round pick Sean Smith had an up and down season as rookies but showed enough to excite. I still firmly believe we're going to have two very good corners on our hands in a year or two. Brian Hartline also had a solid rookie season and has the potential to develop into an excellent complementary receiver. If only Pat White or Patrick Turner could just develop into solid role players, this draft would look like a very good one for the Fins.

Number 1: The 2008 Draft
There's no question that the first draft of the "Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano era" is looking like it will become an outstanding draft. The Dolphins spent the #1 overall pick on one of the NFL's best left tackles. Jake Long has already gone to two Pro Bowls and is a premier left tackle - who still has room to get better. Chad Henne showed in 2009 that he just might be the long-term solution at the quarterback position. And any time you find a franchise LT and potential franchise QB in one draft, that's an awesome job. But when you factor in a starting defensive end (Kendall Langford), starting right guard (Donald Thomas), and key backups like Phillip Merling and Lex Hilliard, there's no question that the '08 draft really provided a solid foundation to build around for the future.