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Wild Card Weekend Open Thread: Sunday

So yesterday didn't exactly go as I thought - and hoped - it would. But I think we learned something. As somebody else said already, the Cowboys showed exactly what you need linebackers to do in a 3-4 defense. That's what the Dolphins are missing defensively.

Anyways, I think we're in store for a very good Sunday of football. I think both games are very interesting matchups. Below are my quick thoughts on each game. Feel free to hang out here today if you're watching the games.

Patriots vs Ravens, 1:00, CBS
I honestly don't know what team to root for here because I'm not particularly fond of either. But I will say that I might prefer the Pats to win - if only because it would send the Jets to Indy next weekend and I'd get to enjoy watching Peyton Manning rip apart NY's defense.

But NE is far from a lock today. I expect Ray Rice (shout-out to Rutgers) to have a big game against this Pats' defense. And that could be the difference. On offense, how will the Pats make up for the loss of Wes Welker? I think this game can really go either way.

Prediction: Patriots 27-23

Cardinals vs Packers, 4:40, FOX
This is the game of the weekend, in my opinion. This will be the most entertaining game. I expect a shoot-out between a great veteran quarterback and a great young quarterback.

The key matchup of the game will be Larry Fitzgerald vs Charles Woodson. The Packers have to be careful not to defend Fitzgerald like they did Plaxico Burress a couple of years ago. You can't leave a corner on an island with no help against these kinds of receivers. But if Woodson - with help - can limit Larry's impact, the Packers might just be able to out-score Arizona on the road.

Prediction: Packers 31-27

Enjoy the day, everyone!