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Wednesday Afternoon Dolphins Update (now includes injury report)

Preparations for Atlanta are really getting going now.  And there are some noteworthy news nuggets this afternoon.  Also, the first official injury report for Sunday's game will be released later today.  I'll update this post once it's out and I have a few minutes.  Of course, if you come across it before I post it, please share it below in the comments.

  • As "Uncle Finster" pointed out, the Dolphins waived TE Davon Drew and signed OL Nate Garner onto the 53 man roster from the practice squad.  So now the Dolphins have nine offensive linemen on the roster - everyone can relax.  Replacing Garner's spot on the practice squad is rookie tight end Kory Sperry, who spent his training camp with the Chargers.
  • The Dolphins voted on who their captains would be for the 2009 season.  The winners shouldn't come as any shock.  They are Joey Porter, Jason Taylor, Jason Ferguson, and Chad Pennington.  Doesn't it just feel right having JT back as one of the captains of the Dolphins?  All is right with the world once again!
  • Incase you need any more of a reason to dislike Matt Ryan this week - like being the starting QB of Miami's week one opponent isn't enough - Ryan kind of took a shot at the Dolphins.  In SI's NFL preview issue, Ryan is quoted as saying the Wildcat "is a fad."  On his conference call with the South Florida media today, Ryan kind of tap danced around what he said, responding:

    "The way in which I said it was, 'Do you think the Wildcat will take over and become permanent offenses?' and I just don’t think it will. I think regular offenses will still be out there. Not to say Miami hasn’t done a great job with it. They did an exceptional job last year and it’s going to be tough for our defense to deal with that this week. Those were just some of the comments that I made. I certainly think Miami did a great job with it last year and had a ton of success and I really think won some games as a result of using that formation and those plays."

  • Omar Kelly tweets that, speaking about the secondary, Tony Sparano expects the unit to be tested.  Kelly writes that guys will "be on an island" - leading me to think the Dolphins are going to use a lot of man-to-man coverages against the Falcons on Sunday.

As promised, here is the official Wednesday injury updates:

Full Practice - CB Vontae Davis (knee)

Full Practice - RB Jerious Norwood (knee), C Todd McClure (calf), DE Chauncey Davis (foot), LB Tony Gilbert (hamstring)
Limited Practice - DE John Abraham (knee)
Did Not Practice - S William Moore (hamstring)