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Roster Cuts Open Thread

Well today is the day.  By 4 pm eastern, the Dolphins will have their roster down to 53 players.  Of course, we know that's far from a "final" roster.  The Dolphins will likely be actively looking to turn over the bottom of the roster as other teams make their cuts to get down to the 53 man limit.  But we'll worry about that as it happens.

So rather than having a ton of fanposts that talk about today's cuts, we will use this thread for all discussion on the cuts.  As you find links and other info about who the Dolphins cut, post them below.  I'll do my best to keep this post updated with the news as it comes in.  The Dolphins do practice today - so we'll likely know by then who got handed pink slips and who didn't.

As of now, we know that the Dolphins have cut cornerbacks Joey Thomas and Will Billingsley - meaning Jason Allen, as expected, has survived.  Omar Kelly is also reporting that RB Lex Hilliard "has been informed he'll make the Dolphins' initial 53-man roster" - this according to "a league source."  That's good news for Lex.  However, keep in mind that the Dolphins could just be keeping him on the 53 man roster until after other teams complete their practice squads, at which time the Dolphins could always try to sneak Hilliard through waivers and onto their own practice squad.

So, like I said, post any links you find with info about today's cuts in this thread rather than creating a new fanpost.  And I'll try to keep this post as updated as possible throughout the day.

(most recent updates at the top)

**UPDATE, 7:30 pm: There are now reports that the Dolphins are actually keeping both Joey Haynos and John Nalbone.  Yes, four tight ends.  It's believed that they fear losing one of the two if they place one of them on waivers.  And this is likely to come at the expense of Nate Garner, according to Omar Kelly.

**UPDATE, 5:44 pm: Edgar Thompson also confirms that Lex Hilliard has made the team.  Meanwhile, the deadline is indeed 6 pm, but that doesn't mean we'll know by then.  Hopefully, though, we learn of the cuts sooner rather than later.

**UPDATE, 3:36 pm: The Palm Beach Post claims the deadline for cuts is actually 6 pm - not 4 pm.  If they are right, we'll have to wait a little while longer to find out the final 53.

**UPDATE, 1:45 pm: This next move isn't official just yet.  But two sources, the Palm Beach Post's Edgar Thompson and the Miami Herald's David J. Neal, are reporting that Joey Haynos will make the team as the third tight end.  AS a result, the Dolphins will waive John Nalbone and hopefully place him onto their practice squad.

**UPDATE, 1:00 pm: Here's what we know so farMatt Roth has been placed on the PUP list, meaning he will not count towards Miami's 53 man roster.  Brandon London, William Kershaw, and Brandon Frye highlight this morning's cuts.  Rod Wright and Courtney Bryan were also released today.  It also appears that Will Billingsley has not been cut just yet.  The Dolphins may plan on keeping him around for now until they see how Vontae Davis and his injured knee progress these next couple of days.  Six more cuts still to come.  Stay tuned...