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Comcast official SBN sponsor

I wanted to announce that The Phinsider now has a sponsor for the season. We were approached by Comcast - who is looking to get the word out about Comcast Redzone and knew the best way to reach hardcore NFL fans was through SB Nation blogs. We’re proud to have them as a sponsor and it shows just how much this blog has grown and the kind of community we have here (shout outs to all of you who make this place what it is today).

Now don't worry - I won’t be bombarding you with marketing messages.  What I will do is remind you every once in a while about some of the great sports features available from Comcast, like NFL Redzone. For a little cash a month, you get the Redzone Channel - a pretty cool channel that shows all the redzone action on NFL Sunday as its happening.  It also focuses on all of the close games as they progress through the fourth quarter, with a ton of live look-ins even when teams aren't in the redzone.

On Sunday, Oct. 4th, Comcast will provide Redzone for free from 1 to 4 pm eastern.  Sponsorship aside, I recommend checking out the channel while you wait for the Dolphins/Bills game to kick off at 4:05.  You'll be happy you did.

So I just wanted to say thanks to Comcast for sponsoring The Phinsider!