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What Thigpen trade says about Dolphins

In the wake of today's news that the Dolphins have traded for quarterback Tyler Thigpen, many Dolphin fans are wondering what this move means to the Dolphins.  In particular, what can we take out of this move in terms of the team's feelings towards the two current quarterbacks on the roster?

It's an interesting question, for sure.  And anyone who attempts to answer it really must preface their response with the fact that it is pure speculation.  For now, we really have no way to know for sure what, if anything, this move means to either Chad Henne or Pat White.

With that said, I have a theory.

As far as Henne goes, I don't think it means a thing.  If Chad goes out there and plays relatively well, he's the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins for the remainder of this year and - hopefully - for many years to come.

But for White, I think Thigpen's acquisition means something a bit more.  I think this shows that the Dolphins are far from sold on Pat White as either a potential long-term quarterback possibility as well as a spread offense triggerman.  Thigpen, meanwhile, comes to the Dolphins from Kansas City - where the Chiefs basically installed a spread offense tailored to Tyler's strength's last season.  He's a terrific athlete who can run, throw, and catch.

It's no secret that the Dolphins clearly have some type of spread option offensive package installed for White.  But Thigpen could potentially be a better fit.  And if the Dolphins were sold that White might eventually progress into a solid spread offense triggerman and potential backup quarterback, I don't think they would have brought in a young quarterback like Thigpen instead of an experienced veteran to simply be Henne's backup incase of injury.

While I'm not ready to say that Thigpen's arrival in Miami is the end of the Pat White experiment, I do think it's an indictment on how little White has progressed thus far.  And now, sooner rather than later, I expect to see Thigpen as the second quarterback on gameday with White relegated to emergency third string duties.  After all, Thigpen is more experienced at this level, is the better backup quarterback to Henne incase Henne goes down, and is probably better suited to handle Miami's spread option package than White is.

So now the question becomes how long until Thigpen gets involved in Miami's spread option offensive package on gameday?