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Report: Tonight's game could be beginning of the end for Pennington

Take this for what it's worth, but the National Football Post's Michael Lombardi - a former NFL exec who is one of the more accurate "rumor-mongers" in the media - is reporting that tonight's game could potentially be a very big one for Dolphins QB Chad PenningtonLombardi writes that a bad game from Pennington could jump-start the Chad Henne era in Miami rather quickly:

I hear the Monday night game is a big one for Chad Pennington, who has to show the Dolphins he can do more than just manage the game. He must prove he can make big plays in the passing game. Everyone (including me) gave Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme grief for his last two games, but what about Pennington? Six turnovers (five interceptions, one fumble), two touchdown passes, and he was sacked seven times. Pennington needs to show up or the Chad Henne era might be starting in Miami sooner than later.

Just another intriguing storyline as we head into the Dolphins' home opener tonight against the Colts.  With that said, though, I hope somebody gets this little nugget into Pennington's hands.  A little extra motivation for CP can't hurt.

But while many will want to focus on Pennington tonight, I'm putting the emphasis on Miami's offensive line.  They have got to open up some running lanes and keep Pennington upright.  After all, if the Dolphins can't establish the run and can't protect the quarterback, then it will not even matter who is under center.