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Week 2: Sunday Open Thread


As great as it is to play on Monday night, the downside to it is that our Sunday afternoon experience isn't quite as enjoyable.  But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to watch today.  Outside of your various fantasy teams, there are a number of intriguing games.  They include:

Jets vs Patriots - Is this Jets defense really as good as they looked last week?
Eagles vs Saints - Can Drew Brees put up ridiculous numbers against a defense that is actually good?
49ers vs Seahawks - Which team will take the early NFC West division lead?
Bears vs Steelers - Can Jay Cutler rebound from his poor Bear debut last week?
Chargers vs Ravens - Without LT2, can San Diego move the ball on Baltimore's defense?

Lots of good stuff to watch today.  Feel free to chat about any of today's games below.  This thread will be up all day.