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Jersey Watch: Will orange jersey make a comeback?

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Back in 2003, the Miami Dolphins introduced a new jersey idea: the orange jersey. Some thought they were a great idea. Others felt like they needed to wear sunglasses when looking directly at the jersey. But here's a fact - the Dolphins have never lost when wearing the orange jersey.

The jersey debuted in 2003 during a Sunday night game against the Washington Redskins. In that game, the favored Dolphins fell behind 23-10 entering the fourth quarter. But the Dolphins stormed back behind two Ricky Williams touchdowns to pull off the comeback win, 24-23, in front of a loud home crowd.

The following year, the Dolphins again broke out the orange jersey for a primetime game. This time it was a Monday night game against the hated New England Patriots. The Pats came to Miami with a sparkling 12-1 record. The Dolphins limped into the game at 2-11. But the orange jersey again worked its magic. Trailing 28-17 with just 4 minutes to play, the Dolphins stormed down the field in seven plays to cut the deficit to 28-23. On the ensuing possession, Jason Taylor - who was dominant all game long - again forced Tom Brady to make a poor throw and it was intercepted by Brendon Ayanbadejo. The Dolphins took possession of the ball at NE's 21 yard line with 1:45 to go. Four plays later, A.J. Feeley found Derrius Thompson who made a terrific catch to give the Fins a one point lead. Brady would then be intercepted again to seal the win.

So the orange jersey has seemingly brought the Dolphins luck. But now the question remains - will the Dolphins break out the orange jersey for Monday night's home opener for the first time since '04? Do you want them to?