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Dolphins vs Falcons: Prediction Time!

Keeping with tradition, Saturday is the day where we talk about who we all think will win.  And since 99% of our community will pick the Dolphins, please be sure to tell us why they will win.  First, though, is a random sampling of "expert" picks:

Chris Berman - Mia Ron Jaworski - Atl Chris Mortensen - Atl
Adam Schefter - Atl Tom Jackson - Atl Pete Prisco - Atl
Clark Judge - Mia Harmon Forecast - Atl PFT - Atl
Peter King - Mia Adam Schein - Atl
Jason Cole - Atl

Not much love for the Dolphins, but that was to be expected.

As for me, I think the Dolphins will really focus on stopping Michael Turner and forcing Matt Ryan to throw more than Atlanta would like.  But stopping Turner will be no easy task.  I don't think the Dolphins can afford to fall behind, either.  And like I said earlier this week, I really hope to see the Dolphins aggressively go after Atlanta's secondary early and often on Sunday.  Get that defense back on their heels a bit and then, once Miami makes it clear they can and will pass, that's when you start pounding the defense with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

When all is said and done, I think the Dolphins will pull off the win, somehow, someway.

Give us your prediction below...