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Dolphins Training Camp: Open Thread 8/8

Today is a big day for the Dolphins.  It is a double session day.  The first practice is scheduled for 10 am and is not open to the public.  But most likely, there's not going to be too much competition taking place during that first session.

Why?  Because the 2 pm session - that is open to the public - will be a scrimmage that Tony Sparano says will last for between 90 and 115 plays.  He encouraged fans to come out to watch when he announced this scrimmage earlier this week.  The hitting will be live - though it is a "stand up scrimmage."  And it should be an excellent chance to evaluate how the team is shaping up.

As for me, I'm still in "Patriots territory" up here in Massachusetts.  But I'll be back tomorrow and will have full coverage of the weekend's events down in Davie.

As always, use this tread for all of your training camp discussion.  And post links to any and all practice reports you find.