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Dolphins Training Camp: Open Thread 8/6

The players got off easy yesterday - only having one practice after two consecutive two-a-days.  Of course, with a heat index of over 100 degrees, yesterday's session was no walk in the park.

But today, it's back to two-a-days.  The first practice is scheduled for 9 am.  The second is set for 5 pm.  And, again, it's going to be hot.  The expected heat index for 9 in the morning today is over 90 degrees.  And it should be in the mid 90s by the 5 pm session.  Rough day ahead.  But this is what separates those who want it most from those who can't cut it.

Bring on the heat, baby!!

Use this thread for all of your training camp discussion.  As you find links to various practice reports, post them below.  I will update this post as time allows with links to the reports to keep everyone as updated as possible.

Morning Reports:  Armando Salguero (Twitter), PBP, Sun-Sentinel