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Dolphins Training Camp: Open Thread 8/5

Today we only get one practice - which is scheduled for 2 pm.

It'll be interesting to see if the tempers that flared yesterday have cooled off.  I'd imagine they have - but you never know.

But the main thing to watch for is how the players respond following four practices over the previous two days.  It's not easy coming off of two consecutive two-a-days this early in camp.  Will Greg Camarillo be restricted at all?  What about the vets like Jason Ferguson, Joey Porter, and Jason Taylor?

Prior to practice today, Tony Sparano met with the media and said that Roth does indeed have a groin injury - but it "isn't significant" according to the head coach.  Roth will work on strength and conditioning beginning today with the team.

Use this thread for all of your training camp discussion.  As you find links to various practice reports, post them below.  I will update this post as time allows with links to the reports to keep everyone as updated as possible.

Reports: Edgar Thompson (Twitter)Omar Kelly (Twitter), Armando Salguero (Twitter)