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The Matt Roth soap opera still developing

As Dolphins fans, we've all seen our fair share of weird things in training camp over the years.  But this recent soap opera starring Matt Roth and his groin is among the oddest I can recall.

As you all know by now, Roth is yet to practice after he failed his conditioning test over the weekend.  On two occasions, when asked by Tony Sparano what is going on, Roth informed Tony he was feeling "under the weather."  But on Sunday night during his local television show, agent Drew Rosenhaus declared that what has been holding Roth back from participating is not an "illness" - it's his "groin."  It's the same issue that has bothered him for over a year now.  Surgery was thought to have taken care of the issue.  But it's starting to look more and more like the issue is indeed back.

But the situation, which we all thought would be clearer today, is anything but clear.  On Monday night, Sparano and Roth met and discussed what has been going on.  Was Roth lying to Tony about this "illness" that he claims is holding him back?  Was Rosenhaus making up something about Matt's groin?  At the very least, you would have thought Roth and Sparano would have solved this mystery last night during their meeting.

They didn't.

Instead, Roth has been sent to a specialist to have his groin checked out.  After this morning's practice, Sparano told the media, ""There is no further clarity. We sent him to get a look at his groin. We're investigating it."

Here's where it gets even more confusing.  Tony was asked by somebody in the media if Roth told the team he was feeling slowed by a groin injury.  But Sparano responded by saying the team decided to have Roth's groin examined "on our own."  What exactly does that mean?  Did Roth or didn't Roth tell Sparano on Monday night that his groin was bothering him?

Regardless, it's painfully obvious that Sparano is getting frustrated by this whole thing.  You can just tell when you watch the man answer questions about it during his press briefings.

Meanwhile, Jason Taylor is continuing to get more reps as the starter on the strongside and reportedly looking more and more comfortable out there.  If Roth doesn't get back soon and perform well, we could actually have a new starting strongside linebacker come September.

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