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Eric Green is a turd

Yes - I said it.  Eric Green is definitely a turd.  Why?  Only a turd would make comments like this about a team that handed him roughly $3 million in guaranteed money after he stunk up the join in Arizona last year:

"Right after I signed (with the Dolphins) I had a gut feeling I made the wrong decision, but of course, I couldn't say that. I had a gut feeling I didn't need to be there and I didn't want to be there. ... When they told me (about the release) I was almost relieved. Here, they are more laid back, which is what it was like in Arizona. In Miami they almost wouldn't allow you to chew gum in meetings."

Translation?  "I'd rather play for a losing team where it's not as strict because I'm a giant sissy and don't like having to follow rules.  Oh - and I'm not that good, either, which is why the Dolphins didn't need me."

So I guess that explains why Green was so bad on the field.  He wasn't allowed to chew gum during meetings - which resulted in Eric getting burnt time and time again on the field.  Makes sense, right?

Seriously, I hope Green enjoys playing for a losing team in San Francisco.  If nothing else, at least he'll get to chew gum during meetings.