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Dolphins release CB Eric Green

Many Dolphin fans, myself included, questioned the wisdom behind signing cornerback Eric Green to a two year contract earlier this offseason.  He played poorly last year for the Cardinals and actually got buried on their depth chart by midseason.

Today the Dolphins showed they aren't afraid to admit their mistakes.  After a poor offseason with Miami and a poor performance in Monday's preseason game, Eric Green was released today.  This likely means Jason Allen's roster spot is safe...for now.  He and Nathan Jones were believed to be competing for two roster spots with Green.  With Green gone, both Jones - a coaching staff favorite - and Allen will likely make the 53-man squad.

This decision by the Dolphins, though, does add pressure on the two rookie corners - Vontae Davis and Sean Smith - to perform.  Smith has played well and is now probably the favorite to win the starting job.  Davis struggled in his preseason debut, making numerous mental mistakes.  But with time and maturity, I don't expect too many of those kinds of games from Davis.

Hat tip to "VA phin Fan"