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Preseason Game #1: Dolphins vs Jaguars Game Thread

Monday, August 17, 7:30 pm ET
Land Shark Stadium
Partly Cloudy, 83°F
SBN Jaguar Coverage:
Big Cat Country

Here's is your live game thread for tonight's preseason opener at Land Shark Stadium. I'll post up overflow threads (which will be linked to this post) as needed. But don't expect there to be as many overflows as there are during regular season games.

As far as tonight's game, as you watch, listen, or read about it - don't go overboard. If things go good for some players, don't get too excited and declare that "X" player is going to have a great season. If things go poorly for others, don't panic and start shouting that the sky is falling. It's not. It's only one preseason game. Just sit back and enjoy some football.

The game will be aired locally on CBS 4 (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale), WXCW 6 (Fort Myers), and WTVX 34 (West Palm Beach). The game will air on the radio on the Dolphins' flagship radio partner WQAM 560. For those outside the immediate viewing area, the game will re-air on NFL Network at 11 pm eastern tonight. Please do not post links to illegally watch the game online. Those will be deleted and you will be banned for a period of time.

Let's hope for a good performance from our boys tonight and no injuries!

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