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Dolphins Training Camp: Open Thread 8/12

It's amazing the kind of firestorm that gets set off when you bring up the old reliable "Pennington vs Henne" debate.  Things got heated yesterday and warning had to be given out.  While healthy debate is fun and good for the blog, we got to keep it relatively clean and, most importantly, free of personal attacks on members of our community.

Anyways, we got two practices today to keep us occupied.  The first is at 9 am this morning.  The second is at 8 pm tonight.  Both are indeed open to the public - weather permitting, of course.

As always, use this thread for all of your training camp discussion.  As you find links to various practice reports, post them below.  I will update this post as time allows with links to the reports to keep everyone as updated as possible.

Morning Reports: Omar Kelly (Twitter)PBP, Sun-Sentinel

Night Reports: Quick PBP, Sun-Sentinel