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Video Time: More classic Marino

Down in Davie, Dolphins players will report to training camp today.  While there are no practices, the players will be busy.  They have to weigh in, attend meetings, and take physicals.  The first practice of the 2009 training camp will be on Sunday at 2:00 eastern.  Also, if any of you are attending and want to post your own in-depth practice reports upon your return, feel free to.  Assuming grammar and punctuation are all fine, I will front-page your report.

So with players reporting today, I figured we might as well watch some more classic Dan Marino.  What better way to get pumped for the '09 season?

Below you will find the video.  What is it?  It's the entire final drive of the classic 1994 "fake spike" game from the original television broadcast.  Definitely worth checking out.

Have a great weekend!  And remember to check back here tomorrow for coverage of the first training camp.  Look for "open threads" this year for each day of training camp - where I will link to the various practice reports from the media.  And expect nightly "recap" posts from the day's events. 

We'll have you covered all training camp and preseason long!