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What happened to the Chad Henne buzz?

Writing today's "Around The AFC East" post yesterday got me thinking about Chad Henne some more.  But it wasn't about his future or how he might be handled this season in terms of getting him experience.  Instead, I'm talking about the excitement all Dolphin fans seemed to have for Henne.  What happened to it?

I'm not saying fans aren't excited at all.  But there was a time when Henne's development was the top storyline of the offseason.  But when was the last time we even really mentioned Henne?

Recently, I ran a post asking Dolphin fans what they thought would be the top storyline in training camp in terms of generating buzz.  Of the over 1,100 who voted, only 3% voted for Chad Henne's development.  That came in 7th place in our poll.  Cameron Wake has more "buzz" surrounding him than Henne does - or so it seems.

But if this was last offseason, I bet Henne would have received much more than 3% of the vote.  So what's the deal here?  Is it that some fans just don't care right now about Henne because we have Chad Pennington fully entrenched to be the '09 starter?  Are fans just tired of hearing about the quarterback position?

To be honest, I though Henne's development would have been among the top three most "buzzworthy" camp storylines - especially with the offseason news that Henne would receive a lot of work in the preseason.  But, for some reason, an outside linebacker running with the third-team defense is creating more buzz than our backup quarterback and assumed "QB of the future."

It's kind of funny when you think about it, isn't it?