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Dolphins' remaining unsigned picks should sign soon...hopefully

We've now gotten to the point where all three of the Miami Dolphins' remaining unsigned draft picks should be signed before players report for training camp on Saturday - or, at the latest, before the first practice on Sunday.  Why?  Because each of the three have now been "slotted" by the players around them.

What do I mean by "slotted?"  What I mean is that the players drafted directly in front of and directly behind each pick has been signed.  That leaves very little "wiggle room" for the three players. 

The latest to sign was Peria Jerry, the 24th overall pick of the Atlanta Falcons.  The player drafted in the 26th spot, Clay Matthews, is also signed.  So there isn't much room for the agent of Vontae Davis to negotiate.  He's not going to get more than Jerry.  He's not going to get less than Matthews.  So this deal really needs to get done.

Meanwhile, Clint Sintim - the player drafted right after Pat White - has also signed today.  With Everette Brown - the player selected directly in front of White - having signed a few days ago, there's no reason why White shouldn't soon come to terms with Miami.

The most mind-boggling storyline though is that of Chris Clemons.  The fifth round pick remains the only unsigned player from that round.  I still imagine the hangup must be the length of the contract.

The clock continues to tick for each of the three.  But all three should be signed before camp begins...I hope.