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Latest on unsigned Miami Dolphins rookies

The clock continues to tick for the Miami Dolphins as camp approaches and three rookies remained unsigned - including their top two picks.  So let's talk about the latest on each off the three situations.

Davis was the 25th overall pick.  Only seven first rounds picks have already signed.  But the good news is that players around Davis have signed.  The 23rd overall pick, Michael Oher, signed a five year deal.  The 28th overall pick, Eric Wood, also signed a five year deal.  So we're getting closer to a situation where Davis is slotted into his contract.

Yesterday during his live chat, the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero offered up this info on the situation:

On the Vontae Davis situation, no player taken between No. 22 overall and No. 27 overall has a contract yet.

As those deals get done in the next two to three days, then Davis should slot into a deal. His agent, Todd France, also represents Ronnie Brown. France is talking to the Dolphins about both Davis and Brown.

Now with the 23rd pick also signed, we should be getting closer to Vontae signing.  I'm sure both Davis and his agent know if the misses any time, he could lose out on the race to start - letting Eric Green and fellow rookie Sean Smith get a leg up.

The player taken directly in front of Pat White - Everette Brown - has signed.  So you would think White's deal would be close to done.  It does seem like it is getting very close, according to Salguero:

On the Pat White situation: He will sign a four-year deal worth approximately $4 million with approximately $2.5-$2.6 million in guarantees. Why this hasn't happened depends on who you ask. I believe it will get done by Sunday if both sides get things in gear and NEGOTIATE. It's not rocket science. Even I sorta understand it.

Of course, this isn't ground-breaking news.  He just simply looked at what Everette Brown received (4 year, $4.3 million, $2.6875 million guaranteed).  And yes - both sides must negotiate.  Good insight from a "great" beat reporter right there.

Oh - and fyi - look for White's total value be over $4 million, probably around $4.25 million or so.

This one is still puzzling.  Clemons is now the only 5th rounder who remains unsigned.  And Salguero reports that the Dolphins have put their foot down:

The Dolphins have their offer into Clemons and Jeff Darlington tells me it is their final offer. It is up to Clemons agent to take it ... or not. I believe he'll take it because most do as the deadline for camp opening nears. This should be done already!

The snag here could be about the duration of the contract.  While I hope he agrees to a four year deal (which would likely be worth $1.918 million), I wouldn't be shocked to see the deal be for just three years (probably worth $1.308 million).

Once all three are signed, the Dolphins would be at 82 players on their roster.  They can only enter camp with 80 players.  So who do you think gets cut?  Or do the Dolphins just place two players on the PUP list to get down to the 80 active players for camp?