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Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland declares "no interest" in Michael Vick

Just like that, we can put the speculation to bed.  Despite people like Dennis Green trying to connect the Dolphins to the recently "conditionally reinstated" Michael Vick, General Manager Jeff Ireland released a statement on Tuesday that said the following:

"We don't have an interest. We like the players we have on our current roster."

This is good news, in my opinion.  There was no need to bring in a distraction like Vick - especially when the Dolphins already have three solid quarterbacks on the roster.  One of them, by the way, could be a "poor man's Mike Vick" - without the character issues and negative PR, of course.

This should also come as no surprise.  After all, it was Bill Parcells at his introductory press conference who said he didn't want any "bad character guys" on this team. 

I'm just glad this is over.  Now we can forget all about Vick and look forward to the beginning of training camp this weekend.