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Poll: What will generate the most buzz once training camp begins?

With training camp kicking off for the Miami Dolphins in less than a week, there's no doubt that the media and fans alike will begin following the team more closely now. We'll have many practice reports to read. We'll have quotes from players and coaches. We'll have opinions from anyone who wants to share one. And needless to say, there is always some buzz generated as camp progresses.

So what will most of this year's training camp buzz be about in South Florida? There are a ton of options. Some possibilities include:

-The return of Jason Taylor and how he gets used in Paul Pasqualoni's defense.
-How the two rookie cornerbacks perform day in and day out.
-How Pat White is utilized and how he performs.
-Chad Henne's continued development.
-The physical condition of Ronnie Brown and his potential contract extension.
-Possibility of Ted Ginn's breakout season as he enters his third year.
-The battle at wide receiver and how the depth chart shakes out.
-The battle for the remaining undetermined starting spot along the offensive line (RG).
-Cameron Wake's performance transitioning from the CFL to the NFL.
-The 'Wildcat" in general.
-Who steps up as the team's backup nose tackle.

And those are just some of the possibilities. So cast your vote for what you think will be the topic generating the most buzz once camp begins and then tell us why you voted the way you did below.