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Video Time: Classic Marino

For the final few editions of this offseason's "video time" segment, let's turn our attention to good ol' Danny Marino.  What better video topic to kill time before some REAL football begins.

This week, I take you back to 1999.  It was week five when Dan Marino led the Dolphins into Indianapolis to face the Colts.  And entering the fourth quarter, the Dolphins trailed 17-9.  But with only eight minutes left, the Dolphins trailed Indy 31-22.  But all hope was not lost - thanks to Dan Marino.  A field goal and a safety brought the Dolphins within four points with 1:54 remaining in the game.  And that is where this video begins.

It ends with an outstanding 2-yard touchdown catch by Oronde Gadsden.

The video is below after the jump.  Enjoy...

If that drive doesn't get your "football juices" flowing, nothing will.

Have a great weekend, all!