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Marc Anthony joins Miami Dolphins as limited partner

The "big" news today was the announcement in New York that singer/songwriter Marc Anthony would join the Miami Dolphins ownership group.  He and his wife, Jennifer Lopez, were introduced in New York with owner Stephen Ross, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and ESPN President George Bodenheimer.

The specifics of the actual financial terms were not disclosed, but rumor has it that Ross has been offering 2% ownership of the Dolphins for a mere $25 million.  Chump change, right?

So why were Goodell and Bodenheimer there?  As it turns out, the NFL and ESPN will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a number of special events and features - with the Dolphins/Jets Monday Night Football game being the signature event.  Anthony will sing the national anthem at Land Shark Stadium prior to the game.

The telecast of that Monday Night game will begin with a revised version of the Hank Williams Jr. video that will feature another new Dolphins minority owner - Gloria Estefan.  The ESPN telecast of that game will also include some Spanish language play-by-play courtesy of ESPN Deportes.

As for me - I could care less about this.  Like most Dolphin fans, I just want to win and really could care less about all this glitz and glamor.  Football isn't about being a "red carpet event."  It's all about what happens on the field from kickoff to the final whistle.

However, if these little "annoyances" - and, to me, that's all they are - grows the Dolphins' fan base at all, I suppose that's a good thing.

(Click photo for more photos from today's event)