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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross targeted Jon Bon Jovi first

In the latest issue of the Sports Business Journal, Terry Lefton writes that Jimmy Buffett was not Dolphins owner Stephen Ross's top choice to become a minority owner. Instead, it was actually Jon Bon Jovi who Ross originally courted to invest in the Dolphins.

Bon Jovi, who currently is a part owner of the AFL's Philadelphia Soul, turned down the offer though because the Dolphins wouldn't cave to his demand that his deal with the Dolphins be an exclusive arrangement - one that would prevent the Dolphins from partnering up with any other entertainers.

Ross, though, is trying very hard to partner with many celebrities as he can - or so it seems. So he passed on Jon Bon Jovi and instead partnered with Jimmy Buffett (via the stadium naming rights) and Gloria Estefan (via a small minority ownership deal). And that's just who Ross has reached out to as of now.

So my question to you - to help pass the time - is which partners you would have preferred? Would you have wanted only Jon Bon Jovi as the sole "entertainer" who was somehow connected to the Dolphins? Or do you like having Jimmy Buffett and Gloria Estefan as stakeholders in the Dolphins in some capacity?